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The introduction of cylinders and the principles of safe storage

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Introduction of a cylinder

Steel bottle storage and high pressure oxygen, gas, liquefied petroleum gas, etc.. The safe storage and transportation of the cylinder gas cylinders are generally filled with a permanent gas, a liquefied gas or a mixture of gases. Gas cylinder filling unit, gas cylinder test unit, gas cylinders using single (including factories, laboratories, hospitals, schools, the CDC, electronic room, clean room, industrial and institutional), bottled gas and gas cylinder distribution unit of gas cylinder management need to be improved, should strengthen the safety management of gas cylinder for transport and storage

Principles for safe storage of cylinders

Should be placed in special warehouse storage, shall comply with the national hazardous goods storage regulations, gas cylinder storage should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "code for fire protection design of buildings", must be equipped with professional knowledge and technical personnel, the warehouse and the place should be managed by designated personnel, equipped with reliable personal safety protective equipment and set "dangerous", "prohibited fireworks" logo. Cylinder production line must be cleaned.

In the warehouse shall not waste, illegal channels, no fire and other heat sources, warehouse internal ventilation, dry, avoid to direct sunlight; storage warehouse and storage should be good ventilation, cooling and other facilities, shall have a trench, the conduits and the ventilation holes at the bottom, and prohibited any pipeline crossing, should avoid direct sunlight, avoid radioactive source. Ensure bottle drying cylinder. The summer should prevent exposure.

The gas cylinders, which are easy to react or decompose, must be controlled according to the nature of the gas to control the maximum temperature in the warehouse, to set the time limit, and to avoid the open source.

Empty bottles and bottle should be placed separately, and have obvious signs, toxic gas cylinders and bottles of gas in contact with each other can cause burning, explosion, poison gas cylinders should be stored in room, and in the vicinity of setting gas appliances or fire fighting equipment. Must be in isolation and storage of explosive materials, oxidizing agents, flammable materials, flammable materials, corrosive substances.

Cylinders should be placed neatly placed, should be kept upright, properly fixed, and should prevent the dumping of measures. Innovative new all plastic cylinder fixing plate and cylinder fixing frame perfectly solve the gas cylinder storage and gas cylinder fixing problems, improve the safety and avoid a cluttered cylinders placed, in line with the provisions of the occupational health administration standard OSHA 29 CFR.1910, gas cylinder safety is greatly improved. Innovation of the gas cylinder fixation plate and cylinder fixing frame of the full plastic structure, not like steel products as bulky, rust and crumbs, especially suitable for clean room, clean room, operating room, electronic room to clean demanding occasions.

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