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Why would the explosion of liquid chlorine cylinder

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A factory from 1978 to produce the production of chlorinated paraffin products. Because the product has incombustibility, good water resistance and dielectric characteristics. So it is widely used in flame retardant PVC resin and rubber plasticizers, fiber waterproof impregnation agent, lubricating oil, anticoagulant anticoagulant additive. For its wide use, so the sale of the products is good, good economic benefits in the factory, workers are paid, 76 retired worker endowment insurance gold amount paid, never in arrears. In nowadays, many large and medium-sized enterprises economic benefit is not good, laid-off workers increase the reality of the situation, as a district office collective enterprises is commendable. But the weather is unpredictable, a major explosion caused the plant into a difficult situation.

accident analysis

Visible from the production principle of chlorinated stone, chlorine is the main raw material in the production. Elemental chlorine at room temperature for gas in freezing or heating conditions can be transformed into liquid chlorine. Due to the quality of products, the factory production of chlorinated paraffin chloride is used for liquid chlorine canned liquid chlorine cylinder. Liquid chlorine is yellow green liquid.

Under normal conditions, the physical and chemical properties of chlorine are extremely active.

First, chlorine toxic, irritating odor, into the human respiratory tract can cause acute poisoning, causing pulmonary edema, control sites in the air can not be more than 1mg/m3;

Second, chlorine is a strong chloride agent, corrosive;

Third, dry chlorine at low temperature is not very active, but there are traces of water in the presence of reactive activity increased dramatically. From the chemical reaction equation of chlorine and paraffin wax, it can be seen that it is exothermic reaction, the reaction process is extremely intense, resulting in a lot of heat. The plant chlorine hydrocarbon production process requirements: the reactor pressure must be in the 0.1MPa~0.2MPa, not more than 0.2MPa, serious reactor to explode. Liquid chlorine buffer tank operating pressure shall not be greater than 0.3MPa.

According to the physical and chemical properties of chlorine, in pass chlorine production process, in cylinder production line can prevent chlorine leakage and liquid chlorine cylinder chlorine buffer tank and a reaction kettle explosion is to achieve safe production.

Lessons and corrective measures

Small chemical production process, simple equipment, low cost, quick effect, technical content is not high, more as a result of poisonous and harmful, serious pollution, economically developed countries and domestic large enterprises are often reluctant to production, passed on to the third world countries and township enterprises production. Because the equipment is obsolete, the operation staff quality is low, the rules and regulations is not perfect, the management is not strict, the work is not in place, in recent years the small chemical factory accident has occurred.

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