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Safety requirements for loading liquid chlorine cylinder

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Even if the liquid chlorine cylinder in the aspects of design and manufacture to meet the requirements, such as filling process not strictly controlled, it may cause accidents. In recent years, the liquid chlorine cylinder overload material or inverted cans chemical reaction caused by liquid chlorine cylinder explosion accidents are common. Therefore, we must attach great importance to. Pay attention to the cylinder production line.

Requirements for cylinders

1, check the information and the cylinder body

There are two kinds of liquid chlorine filling cylinders, one is new, the other is a bottle. New bottle should be shipped with cylinder quality certificate; turnover bottle that has been filled with a liquid chlorine, run out after returned to filling factory refilled cylinder, liquid chlorine filling station to deal with the cylinder body for external examination. Check the contents include: cylinder paint color, words clearly; complete safety accessories; bottle excess pressure more than 0.05Mpa, stamp marking identification; in the technical inspection within the time limit; appearance of the bottle body is clean, intact.

2, before filling with cylinders for visual inspection, refurbishment of the cylinder valve, thimble spool sealing surface inspection, tare check and confirm the bottles have been processed, the cylinder tare conforms to the provisions of.

3, liquid chlorine cylinders have one of the following conditions shall not be filled:

(1) the paint color, the words and the gas does not meet the requirements or paint color, an appearance off, not easy to identify the different types of gas.

(2) incomplete, damaged or not in conformity with the provisions of the safety accessories.

(3) if not installed what kind of gas bottle and pressure less than 0.05MPa.

(4) the body temperature more than 40 DEG C.

(5) mark is not complete or not recognized.

(6) more than the technical inspection period.

(7) the defective bottle appearance, can not guarantee the safe use.

(8) a bottle or bottle valve with grease or dirt, bottle valve corrosion.

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