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Interpretation of the knowledge of the cylinder production line enterprise to the petroleum liquefied gas residual liquid burning device

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Cylinder production line http://www.kalilv.com burn cleaner which belongs to the accessories of liquefied petroleum gas cylinder is a cylinder firing?? after stranded in the cylinder to burn with the residual liquid gasification and full combustion device and is suitable for various petroleum liquefied gas cylinder with use.

Liquefied petroleum gas in the family, catering industry, machine processing. Large cutting popularization and application, but after the burning of the total amount of residue retention in the cylinder accounted for 7%-17%, in low temperature season up to more than 20%, users cannot all burned, inflation is still stuck in the cylinder, so the user prior to inflation will residue dumped, burned net is the advent of the end of the liquefied gas burning after leaving a residue of history.

Cylinder production line | Taizhou Ling Hua Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional production line of cylinder exclusive business, welcome new and old customers come to discuss the purchase.

For more information, please pay attention to: http://www.kalilv.com

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