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Cylinder production line enterprises to analyze how to regularly check the cylinder parts

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Steel cylinder fittings on a regular basis to do the inspection work is very important, can be found in advance the possibility of accident, to achieve effective prevention, and everyone today Ling Hua mechanical cylinder production line http://www.kalilv.com enterprises a up analysis we check the cylinder parts.

Cylinders shall be carried only by the appearance of initial inspection, visual inspection easy to identify and assess the appearance defect and one of any of the following subjects bottles, according to end-of-life treatment.

No any sign making cylinder; cylinder spiral weld; any type except YSP-50 cylinders should not have longitudinal weld; ear piece, a shield off or the weld crack cylinders.

II for the base off, deformation, corrosion, crack, wear and other defects affecting the vertical cylinders; partial and full suffered flame or arc burns of the cylinder; tilted the bottle body, deformation or head straight edge vertical crease depth greater than 0.25% of the diameter of the cylinder of the cylinder; cylinder bottom seat support surface and a bottle bottom center spacing less than table 2-2-3 provisions of the size of the cylinder.

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