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Founded in 1983, Taizhou Ling Hua Machinery Co., Ltd. is enterprise of complete sets of productio…


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About Us

Founded in 1983, Taizhou Ling Hua Machinery Co., Ltd. is enterprise of complete sets of production equipment for the professional design and production of liquefied petroleum gas cylinder. Products include: Kaiping fall feed line, head for the stretch forming machine, Qi export machine, necking machine, to clean out the burr machine, punching machine, welding bottle mouth machine, welding shield machine, welded on the bottom of landlines, bottles are thrown assembling machine, ring seam welding machine, annealing furnace, hydrostatic testing machine, shot blasting machine, spraying production line, angle valve, air tightness test machine, printing machine, blasting test machine, conveying roller and a protecting cover, a base, a valve seat complete sets of production line. Products throughout the liquefied petroleum gas cylinder manufacturers, and has exported to more than 20 Libya, the Philippines, Egypt, Iran, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries, and welcomed by users, enjoy a high reputation in the market, "Jiangsu Province, the contract and trustworthy enterprise", "Jiangsu famous enterprise", "measurement assurance confirmation of the unit", "AAA grade credit enterprise".

In recent years, our factory is also aimed at the small and medium-sized container factory, air compressor factory, car bottle factory, all kinds of non - standard gas storage tank production plant, developed a series of special production equipment. Products include: universal head Qi export machine, universal head shrink machine, two roller body roll circular machine, double seam automatic welding machine, automatic straight seam welding plane, special-shaped object welding plane, special gas cylinder leakage test machine, special gas cylinder pressure testing machine, head of production mode, Valet design and production of a variety of other special equipment.

I plant development and production of QK-2 type universal machine, SK-2 universal mouth machine can be a machine on a different diameter, different wall thickness (diameter less than 800mm, wall thickness less than 8mm) of the sealing of the mouth, mouth. The device has the advantages of stable performance, convenient adjustment, simple operation, high production efficiency and high production efficiency. More than two kinds of special aircraft are obtained by the State Intellectual Property Office of the frequent "utility model patent technology".

Innovation is the driving force for the development of our development, customer satisfaction, create brilliant is our goal.

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